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In-Side Pietra di Cardoso Grigio

In-Side Pietra di Cardoso Grigio


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Sandstone of Italian origin, Pietra di Cardoso enriches the territories of the Apuan Alps facing Versilia, the cradle of precious stones and marbles. The shade of the same name in the Laminam IN-SIDE collection reproduces the characteristic dark ash colour tending towards turquoise, crossed by light white veins. Pietra di Cardoso Grigio is available in sizes 1200×3000 mm and 1620×3240 mm and in the thicknesses Laminam 5/5+, Laminam 12 and Laminam 20+; it is one of the most striking colours in the technologically advanced IN-SIDE range.

Care & Maintenance

  • Simple cleaning – A splash of warm soapy water will do.
  • Prevent patina – Wipe away any liquid spills and splashes. Natural, Honed, Concrete, and Rough finished may need more daily maintenance.
  • Removing stains – Gently rub with an approved cleaner and rinse. Natural, Honed, Concrete, and Rough finished may need more daily maintenance.

    Please note that Natural, Honed, Concrete and Rough finishes require more cleaning than our Polished finishes. Since there is more exposed surface area with these finishes, metal marks, fingerprints and other signs of daily living will show. Most of these marks can be removed with little effort and non-abrasive cleaning products such as Soft Scrub Liquid Gel.


Your surface's edge profile can be custom-designed by a stonemason in a variety of thicknesses, from 20mm to 40mm or more, to optimize your design.

Please consult with us, not all edges are available in all areas.

  • Bevel
  • Doble Bevel
  • Full Bullnose
  • Double Bullnose
  • Triple Laminated Bullnose
  • Ogee
  • Miter
  • Double Radius
  • Pencil
  • Eased
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